Veterans Affairs Medical Malpractice

The lawyers at the Archuleta Law Firm focus on helping Veterans win their V.A. medical malpractice and negligence cases under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) in all 50 states. Our lawyers maintain a large caseload of VA medical malpractice cases. Some examples of our success in this area follow:

Richardson v. United States
Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital
$2,000,000 Pretrial Settlement
Attorneys' Fee of $500,000
Case Expenses of $43,227
Attorney Ad Litem Fees of $24,000
$1,432,118 Client Recovery After Fees and Expenses

$2,000,000 settlement

Hedgpeth v. United States
$1,800,000 pretrial settlement
Attorney's fees of $450,000 and litigation expenses of $34,007
$1,315,992 Received by Clients

$1,800,000 pretrial settlement

White v. United States
$1,560,000 Settlement
Attorneys' fees of $390,000 and litigation expenses of $36,037
$1,133,963 Received by Client

$1,560,000 Settlement

Minchow v. United States
An adult brain injury
$1,000,000 settlement
$250,000 attorneys' fees and $3,824 in case expenses
$746,176 received by clients

$1,000,000 settlement