Marines, Sailors Provide Hurricane Sandy Relief

Members of the Army National Guard unload water at a distribution center in New

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Washington has responded to the crisis. 300 Marines and sailors were deployed by the Pentagon, as well as 17 planeloads of power equipment. The Defense Department says that 1.5 million meals were to arrive late yesterday-- the National Guard has already helped distribute more than 290,000 meals and close to 523,000 bottles of water.

Another 400 personnel have been brought in with 120 high-flow water pumps to drain floodwaters, or, according to the Pentagon, "un-watering." The Marines are coming in aboard the USS Wasp, one of the three large-deck amphibious ships dispatched to waters off New Jersey and New York before the hurricane as part of disaster relief preparations.

“There are people making the transition from shock to the real world of how you get food and so forth, and we will do all we can to help them,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said yesterday at a news briefing.

In New York alone, at least 39 people have died in the storm, with the overall death toll rising above 85.