Foundation Provides Scholarships to Military Children in Need

Children of Marine, Navy Vetrans & Soldiers Awarded Scholarships

A Tuesday-night dinner will mark the 50th anniversary of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. Since 1962, the foundation has awarded nearly 30,000 scholarships valued at over $70 million to military children whose parents have been killed or wounded in combat, or who have demonstrated financial need.

Tuesday’s Chicago Dinner for the Gravely Wounded is set to honor the families of wounded and deceased Marines and Navy corpsmen, and it is predicted that more than 2,000 students will be provided with more than $6 million in vocational and post-secondary scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic year.

One recipient, Marine Cpl. Donny Daughenbach, shared his story with Military Times.

A retired infantryman, Marine Cpl. Donny Daughenbach was shot in the face in 2004 by a driver passing through a security checkpoint during a nighttime foot patrol south of Baghdad.
"The [driver] pulled out an AK47 up from under his seat and shot in my direction. The bullet broke my jaw, and it's up inside my head today almost exactly where it was when he put it there," Daughenbaugh said.
Despite lasting migraines, seizures and loss of feeling in parts of his face and tongue, Daughenbaugh's injuries have helped him find a new purpose. He now works with the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation as a liaison, offering help and support to families of those wounded in combat.
In addition to providing scholarship aid to Cpl. Daughenbach, the foundation also will commit up to $80,000 to Daughenbaugh's kids' education. It means he and his wife, Sarah, won't have to put their life savings into college funds for their two young children
The scholarship foundation understands the struggles military families face, which can be made more challenging if a parent is severely wounded in combat, Margaret Davis, president and CEO of the scholarship foundation, said.
"This is not charity," said Davis. "This is an investment in the future of our country."